Fortnite Season 8 is battle pass features a sinister surprise at the end. Carnage, the psychotic symbiote from Marvel comics, is the final prize of this season in the past.

If you do not want to wait to wield Carnage’s power. However, Epic Games has added symbiote weapons to that battle royale game for players to find. Here is how to find–and more importantly wield–the Carnage and Venom symbiotes in Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 8 Symbiotes Explained

Fortnite Season 8
Fortnite Season 8

Symbiotes in Fortnite are Mythic weapons, also unique items that hold powerful passive and active abilities. The symbiote will occupy one of the item slots in a player’s inventory when picked up. Immediately granting the wearer zero gravity jumps and the ability to re-deploy a glider during any of the high jumps.

When activated this weapon reaches out in front of the player wielding it. It dealing Sixty damage to an enemy and pulling them right next to the wearer. This allows for quick combos and easy eliminations, especially with a shotgun in tow.

How To Find Fortnite’s Symbiotes

The symbiotes don’t appear in one specific place; rather they randomly spawn on the island when the first storm circle appears during a match. The locations of the symbiotes will appear on the in-game map. So first check the map to find where it landed and then make a beeline for that location.

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In the match where we found it first, Carnage is a symbiote that appeared in the field northwest of Corny Crops, below the large cliff. The Venom symbiote, according to the map, had spawned near the river north of Lazy Lake.

The symbiote will appear in a canister and need to be extracted in order for the player to gain access to it. Holding the designated button next to the canister will open it–much like an ammo crate or treasure chest–and then the weapon is ready to go.

Only one of the two symbiotes can be held at a time, and the weapon is not beholden to whoever finds it first; if that you eliminate the wearer, the symbiote becomes yours.

For more on Fortnite Season 8, check out our guide on Toona Fish’s coloured ink bottle locations, as well as all of Season 8’s map changes.

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