Lately, laptops have transcended from being luxury or work-related devices to becoming an integral part of the learning and entertainment environment for children. With laptops becoming highly affordable and providing multifold benefits, it is not uncommon to see children of young age working on them. 

While these have become an essential learning tool in the present online classes situation, buying a laptop for your child is bound to raise some concerns — especially around the online safety and security aspects. This implies that you need to select the right brand that offers parental controls, and a secure online browsing mechanism.

But as the adage goes, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Apart from learning, modern-day laptops are also a great source of fun and entertainment. HP laptops come equipped with all the latest safety features to ensure a secure and fun online environment for your child.

Why should you choose an HP laptop?

Kids these days are more tech-savvy and early adopters of the most technologically advanced devices. Smartphones, smart TVs and new-gen laptops — children are able to derive the most out of these devices.

HP laptops, especially the HP Chromebook series, are an ideal combination of laptop and tablet to make your child develop their cognitive skills and broaden their horizons. Since most kids have high energy levels, the long-lasting battery life (over 10 hours) is a great feature that keeps the children engaged on a single full charge.

It is unlikely for the kids to keep cleaning their storage space frequently, and hence, most HP gaming laptops come equipped with ample internal storage as well as sufficient cloud storage.

Key features of different HP gaming laptops

HP Stream

Another attention-grabbing laptop line from HP is the brightly-coloured HP Stream. It is perfect for kids of all ages who love the vibrant colours and vivid screen details, while watching their favourite online shows or playing interactive games.

It’s also very durable and lightweight, which adds to its portability. Since most kids have become accustomed to carrying heavy backpacks to school, this lightweight and portable HP laptop is something they really appreciate.

HP Omen

The HP gaming laptops from the Omen series are widely regarded as the kids’ favourites for gaming. Vibrant colour options in the chassis, LED-lit keyboard and customisation interface make it very alluring to kids.

Most laptops come equipped with pre-installed Microsoft Windows OS. It is very user-friendly and easy to integrate with other smart devices at home. Most apps and games are compatible with this OS. Microsoft also offers several constructive and interactive educational games.

These are best experienced with full HD or UHD screens, a high-quality integrated camera and a microphone. Another new technology becoming popular with manufacturers and customers is IPS (in-plane switching).

This technology offers wide viewing angles, and is ideal to binge-watch media content, including anime and cartoons with friends. Since kids have a tendency to watch various shows and play games, most HP laptops are equipped with these features in their standard configuration, making them extremely attractive to children.

Connectivity options

There is nothing like intermittent connectivity to ruin your mood and distract you from the activity you’re engaged in. High-speed Wi-Fi is another important attention-grabbing feature that ensures your children stay connected, and have a seamless online experience.

It is important to note that while jazzy looks and bright lights might usually be considered important for kids, that is not necessarily the case. With the amount of technological exposure that children receive these days, it does not suffice to grab their attention using gimmicks and flashy items.

A power-packed laptop, providing high performance, seamless connectivity, interactive AV and enhanced visuals are what is bound to keep children of all ages well and truly involved. 

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