The second-largest sport in the world, right behind football, is handball. Compared to football, a handball match is essentially the same, except that it is played with hands. 

The game lets you create a new squad every day and lead it to victory. However, it takes more than just being brilliant to win an online fantasy handball league because the game is theoretically simple but tactically tricky.

Scoring Patterns & Starting Squad 7 of your Handball Match

You will need a handball squad of 7 players, consisting of a goalkeeper, 2 to 4 players as defenders, and forwards each. You also need to choose a Captain and a Vice-captain for your team. However, only a maximum of five players can be part of the active team playing the game.

The scoring pattern of any standard handball fantasy league sports bet is as follows.

ATTACK Goal 6 points
DEFENSE Save 2 points
Penalty Saved 3 points
Ejections -2 points
Red Card/Blue Card -3 points
Penalty Miss -2 points
BONUS Winning Bonus 2 points


How to Select Players for your Handball Team?

While selecting players for your handball team, remember to choose not just high-value players but also lesser-known ones. These players have the tremendous potential to change the outcome of your sports bet. Furthermore, it is advisable to select players that not only score goals or play strong defense but also those who can fill in during an injury and receive fewer suspensions.

An important point is to carefully examine the game schedule before beginning team selection. If a star player has games scheduled early in the season, it is wise to select him to score significant points and win early games for your handball squad. Additionally, choosing players from several teams will ensure that the fate of any one side does not impact the performance of your fantasy handball players.

Rules of Handball

  • Every handball match consists of seven players in a squad. Given that each player has a unique style of play, it is not practical to establish a single score criterion for all of them. However, all players often receive the same number of points for wins and losses, yellow and red cards, exclusion, and two-minute suspensions.
  • The captain and vice-captain are given 2x and 1.5x the points for the same event compared to other players. The point’s higher value is always considered for decimal points. For example, if the vice-captain scores 18.5 points, it is counted as 19 points. Besides, a goalie can be pretty helpful when trying to score points. This is because goal-keeping goals under 20 is considered a good performance.
  • In the event of a penalty, the player who misses and scores off the rebound earns points for the goal but loses points for the miss. However, when a player misses a penalty but the goalie hasn’t touched the ball, the goalie receives zero points for stopping the penalty. In addition, no penalty point is awarded to a player who gets a Blue card after a Red card.
  • Any overtime or additional time results in a point award, and players who weren’t in the starting lineup or listed as a substitute do not lose any points.
  • Lastly, if the playtime of a team is 55 minutes or more, they gain 2 points, but if the time is less than 55 minutes, they get only 1 point.

Tips for Scoring in Online Handball Matches

Go through the table below to understand the point distribution for attacks and defense.

During Attack During Defense
  • Every goal scored by Defender +10 points
  • Every goal scored Midfielder +9 points
  • Every goal scored Forward +8 points
  • Every assist +5 points
  • Every 20 passes completed +1 point
  • Every 10 passes completed +0.5 point
  • Every 2 shots on target +1 point
  • Clean sheet Midfielder +1 point
  • Clean sheet Defender +5 points
  • Every 3 shots saved +2 points
  • Every penalty saved +9 points
  • Every 3 successful tackles made +1 point


Besides attack and defense, your team and players can lose points due to different cards and other penalties. For instance, the Yellow card stands for -1 point, and the Red card is for -3 points. Furthermore, every goal missed by your team’s player will account for -2; every two goals conceded will make -1 point, and every penalty missed will take away 2 points from your team.


These are all the rules and tips required for successfully playing online handball matches. Following them, anybody, including a beginner, can play and enjoy the game. So go through the rules again if needed and start playing handball games from your favorite platform today!


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