Ronaldo also wants the World Cup for every two years

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The world has come a long way in the last 100 years; Many things have changed. But after four years of the World Cup – this rule has not changed. So change is needed to keep pace with the times. Ronaldo, a two-time World Cup-winning Brazilian footballer, made the same point while expressing his views on FIFA’s plans to host the World Cup 22 for two consecutive years.

According to Ronaldo, the demand for this change in football is ‘normal evolution’ and ‘to change with the new generation’.  visit here

A two-day conference of the FIFA Technical Advisory Group on the future of boys’ football ended in Doha, Qatar on Friday. The former star footballers expressed their views on how realistic FIFA’s proposal to reschedule the annual schedule of international matches was at the conference.

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Ronaldo, who has played 98 matches for Brazil, spoke in support of the idea of ​​hosting the World Cup for two years in a row.

“I am very positive about change. I have no disagreement and no doubt that (despite the change) the World Cup will continue to be the most prestigious event on the planet. ”

“The current World Cup calendar is being discussed, it was almost 100 years ago, and the world has changed radically. I believe it’s time for a change for the new generation – it’s very important to us and I believe in it. “

As an example, Ronaldo brought up the topic of the 2018 Russia World Cup. He believes that this change will open the door to fulfil the dreams of many more young people like him.

“Russia is an example of how great the FIFA WC was. It was incredible: great all the matches, great an exhibition. Everything was fine off the field. We miss such competitions, and the gap of four years is much longer. So I think a lot of countries will come out in favour of this plan because it will increase their chances of participating in the FIFA WC. ”

FIFA ranking achieved
FIFA ranking achieved

“I remember as a child my dream was to play in the World Cup. All my friends also dreamed of playing in the World Cup. This change will enable more people to fulfil their dreams. ”

UEFA, the governing body of European football, has opposed FIFA’s proposal. Latin America is also rumoured to be against it. But Ronaldo thinks this is the right way.

“I think we are on the right track; The message is very positive. It may be difficult for some people to understand at first. But I think, it’s very simple and it’s very objective and transparent. So many changes have been thought of so that players can travel less and football fans can enjoy better football. ”



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