The SIMRIG SR2 is our most powerful motion system designed for professionals. It has industrial grade motors, a redesigned ECU, and a beefy power supply.

Your top request was to increase the load capacity of the SIMRIG SR2. We listened. The upgrade features a total load of 225 kg, which is 50 kg more than the previous version.

The SIMRIG SR2 is capable of being both powerful and accurate. The actuators mount directly to your rig, and the ECU can easily fit under your seat. The power supply fits next to your computer. And it’s small enough that taking it on a gig would not increase its size too much.

SIMRIG Control Center lets engineers control the motion system without touching any hardware. It supports all major simulation titles and it’s easy to install.

Installation is plug-and-play. Attach the actuators, ECU, power supply, and emergency stop. Connect a few cables. Install the software and you are ready!

The SIMRIG SR2 is powered by a 1000 Watt power supply. It provide more than enough power for quick and easy settings changes on your security camera. You can connect it to the wall outlet with a standard power cord.

The system latency of our software is actually only a minute, at about 7 milliseconds. With this in mind, we’ve taken the time to make sure that queues are completely on-time each time, so you don’t experience any delays.

All of our SIMRIG SR2 rigs are engineered for the highest possible load capacity. This ensures that your product requires less maintenance over a long period of time, which prevents both performance and longevity problems.

Each SIMRIG SR2 accommodates a driver, a seat, and any other accessories that weigh up to 160 kg in total.

Our complete motion system enables you to make the most of your space.

  • SIMRIG SR2 Actuator
  • 1-sensor SR2 electronic control unit
  • 100-240 Voltage, 50-60Hz
  • If a car is going too fast and can’t stop, it will automatically stop.
  • 4x Actuator Cable (1m)
  • Bulletproof bullet holes are a form of practice for elaborate and theoretical combat sports.
  • You can get a 1x Power Cable (C13) from Amazon.
  • Unmatched reliability

Make smarter SIMRIG machine control decisions by connecting your scheduled SIMRIG machines to your browsing cycle.

  • Simrig Control Center is the most trusted application of its kind in the market, but it’s not hard to understand why: we take pride in our ability to offer you a satisfying experience.
  • We’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that Simplicity becomes something that once again makes you want to be part of the team. Now for sale on the App Store with a 70% discount!
  • The SIMRIG SR2 is the most powerful motion system we offer. It’s built for professionals and comes with industrial grade motors and a beefier power supply. All machines are designed, built, and tested by our company in Sweden.
  • The next generation of SIMRIG, the Simrig SR2, has a total load capacity of 225 kg. This is 50 kg more than the previous generation.

The SR2 is a complete rig replacement with a powerful and accurate motion control system; it will fit seamlessly into most rigs. The power supply can easily be tucked away next to your computer, while the actuators mount directly to your rig. The ECU easily fits underneath your seat. With all its features, the SR2 will improve your rig without increasing its footprint too much.


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