Today moving services are in their prime as lots of people have evaluated the convenience and ease these services provide. Instead of moving on your own, you can order the moving company’s services and enjoy relocation in full. To do this, businesses need to provide special kinds of software. That is, movers should go online with a convenient product to provide their customers with the services they need. Let’s talk a bit about what software is necessary for a moving company and where to get it.

  • Types of Software that Suit Moving Business 

First of all, you should decide on the type of software. Depending on how the business processes of a particular moving company are organized, the task of the software can be radically different.

  • Standard websites with the ability to order services are generally convenient but do not always reflect all the needs of the company. Such a website is a must, but it must be integrated along with internal programs that serve to support business processes.
  • Applications to control the work of the movers. These can be separate solutions for tracking the routes of each team of movers, collecting orders, and analytics. Quite often, a business chooses just such a software format for a moving company. But, of course, this is far from ideal, since individual applications need to be integrated and combined to operate with complete data.
  • CRM for moving companies is probably the best option. This abbreviation stands for Customers Relations Management. Which, in general, describes the functionality of such software. This is a system that allows you to keep track of customer relationships, control each transaction, and at the same time, implements the main means for interacting with customers using software solutions.
  • What Specific Features Moving Software Should Have

What makes moving software useful and convenient for a business owner? We can distinguish the following features that are the main features of a successful moving application.

  • Ability to customize applications for the needs of a particular company.
  • Availability of independent versions, for example, for managers of a moving company, its direct employees like movers and truck drivers, and clients. The functionality of these versions should vary because their tasks are completely different.
  • The speed of work. For modern software, this is a dramatically important component. Track routes in real-time, accept applications, and respond to them within seconds, not minutes, and even more so hours. All of these are important if you want to keep your business afloat.
  • Scalability. Even if your company currently has only one truck and three movers fulfilling all orders, your software should be ready for the fact that you expand the staff.
  • Analytics. Every business needs analytics. And moving service as well. So be sure to discuss with developers the need for built-in reports, analysis, and statistics to see how you work.

Often, these qualities are poorly combined in on-shelf products. Or they require complex customization for your business. In the case of a moving business, it is much more efficient to immediately choose custom development services. They will save you time and provide you with a product that exactly meets your needs. How does it work in practice? Let’s look at an example provided by RexSoft. 

  • A Real Case of Moving Company Software Development by RexSoft

We present you with an analysis of a successful software case for a moving company. In this case, we will talk about the iMover application, ordered for a moving company in the RexSoft agency.

The requirements of the owner of the company were very non-trivial. The software had to work equally effectively both on the client-side and on the side of the movers, moreover, it had to have versions both for operators and managers, and for moving personnel, that is, loaders, drivers, and team leaders.

Custom CRM development was chosen as the optimal solution. This option fully covered the needs of the client and allowed in the future to change parameters, scale tasks, and receive feedback from the clients of the moving company. React JS and Laravel PHP were chosen as the main development technologies, which made it possible to implement all the necessary functionality in both web and mobile versions of the software.

The team that worked on the project included PMs, designers, front and back end developers, mobile developers, and QA. As for the custom CRM development cost, here the calculation was based on the time spent. In total, the work was carried out for 1,000+ hours. With an average rate of $35 for RexSoft employees, the total cost of the project was $35,000. And this is quite a loyal pricing because in local agencies you would have to pay twice as much.


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